Rebecca Charters* realised her marriage was in trouble when she sat across from her husband on a date night and thought, "I've got nothing to say to you." It was a sign that the seven-year itch had well and truly kicked in.

The term, which suggests that happiness in a r...

From reel to real: how a lifetime fed on a diet Bollywood sari romances gave Rashida Tayabali warped expectations of romance.

Ashwariya Rai. (Getty Images )

I grew up in Kenya where Bollywood movies were the source of entertainment. My family were big Bollywood movie buf...

Love, when it arrives, rarely appears in a neat package or abides by a Hollywood script. Love can frustrate us with its demands, and surprise us at other times with how natural and easy it feels.

It can be complicated, and can hurt and stupefy as readily as it heartens...

The themes that surround Christmas time are hope, faith and joy. What happens when you feel like there is no Merry in your Christmas or happy in your holidays? How does one get through this time of year when they have personal challenges that seem to make happiness and...

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