Our final in TBS’ heartbreak series sees Hailee Walker talk to transformational therapist Teymara Antonio-Wright about moving on from heartbreak and changing behaviours for better and healthier future relationships.

When relationships end, people are often left fee...

In part four of TBS’ 5-part heartbreak series, Hailee Walker turns to Mehran Dabeh, author of The Breakup Handbook and authority on YouTube relationship breakdown advice.

When a relationship ends, people often feel heartbroken and seek to find unders...

In part three of TBS’ 5-part series exploring heartbreak, relationship counsellor Hailee Walker speaks to psychic Pam Bradbury about healing, acceptance and mo

In part two of TBS’ 5-part series exploring heartbreak, relationship counsellor Hailee Walker speaks to Neuroscientist Dr Sean Hatton on what happens to our brains when heartbroken.

They say that breaking up is hard to do, and they are absolutely rig...

In TBS’ new 5-part series exploring heartbreak, relationship counsellor Hailee Walker speaks to those who help the heartbroken who are looking for alternatives for relief. In part one, Hailee speaks to Lisa A Phillips, author of Unrequited and journalism prof...

I think we can all agree that relationships can be difficult. Most of us may already know of some of the strains that can be placed upon relationships, such as infidelity, financial pressures, distance and parenting. We now can add another stressor to that list, IKEA.


David, a former pastor, is father of two sons and “husband” (term used loosely) to Jennifer, his wife of 20 years.

David recently made headlines when he sensationally confessed in a reality television program that his marriage proposal to Jennifer was a joke.

David expla...

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